Posted by: Fern | December 18, 2006

Finally Finished The Nappy Wrap!

Nappy CoverI mentioned previously on TIA that I was making a nappy cover from this pattern and it was currently kicking my arse. Today, after spending countless hours on it, I have finally finished the damn thing and, as it’s the first thing that I’ve completed that’s actually come out half decent, I’m rather proud.

The main problem for me was my impatience, fourteen inches of single stitch took me far longer than it should because it’s so boring, once I was doing something different and learning new things it came together much faster. It’s just a shame that I don’t think it will fit The Tiny Treacy, the waist is for a newborn but it barely goes around Jovis’ middle, let alone the heffer that I’m due to have in a few weeks. I will still lanolise it, but I’ll also make up a second one in a larger size before February.

Nappy CoverNappy Cover

My next project is going to be a hat for the baby, after spending so long doing this I’m looking for some instant gratification and tiny baby clothes are perfect for this, I want something I can start and finish in a day!



  1. That turned out so adorable!!! Whether it fits the kid or not it’s still a relief to FINALLY finish your first project. Can’t wait to show you how to knit now 🙂

  2. Hehe, it wasn’t even my first project, it was just the longest so far as well as having to learn new techniques. I like things I can finish in a few days – I’ve started on the hat now and it’s half done after just one evening, that’s the kind of project I can handle!

  3. […] time I say something stupid like that, please punch me in the head. I’ve decided I need to move onto some more complicated crochet […]

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