Posted by: Fern | December 20, 2006

Bad Photos & Christmas Presents

Morgan & FernI spent today with the lovely Morgan, wandering around Ikea, grabbing some lunch and discovering what must be the least flattering photo booth in all of NSW. Now I like to think neither Morgan or myself ming, but apparently the photo booth disagrees, I now have four photos of us looking shocking. I’m almost proud of just how terrible they are! Morgan has been trying to feel the baby move for weeks now, every slightest move and I’m grabbing her hand so that she can feel, but every time we see each other the kid doesn’t move an inch, he slept through the entire day, not even spicy food woke him up and yet the moment she drove off he had a full blown tantrum and used me as a punch bag for a full ten minutes. It must be a girl, I can’t imagine a boy being that bloody contrary.

My Christmas Present!We also grabbed Dan and picked up my Christmas present from Lincraft. I have a sewing machine! Yay! I have a huge list of things I want to make but no idea where to start, I should have got this whilst my mum was in the country so I actually had a clue where to begin. Just looking at the box and I’ve realised that all of those years of being stuck in textiles class didn’t do me much good. I’m going to start on something simple, I’m just so worried about beginning and screwing something up!



  1. Goddamn! Those shiteous photos are going to haunt me forever now that they’re on the internets…

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