Posted by: Fern | December 22, 2006

Procrastination? Moi?

Marble CakeI’m meant to be packing our bags and sorting out various odds and ends so that we’re actually ready to leave and spend the week up Port with Dan’s parents for Christmas. Instead, most of the morning went to talking to Jen and watching infomercials, that was so tiring that I had to take an hour for lunch (which was promptly thrown straight back up), I started packing once again only to decide that now was the perfect time to alter the sleeves on one of my tops, then another hour to watch Pride And Prejudice. I was just taking some time out from my hectic day of constructive-ness to eat some marble cake and take photos of my culinary wonders when Dan calls and says that he’s just on his way home.


Must. Not. Get. Distracted.

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