Posted by: Fern | January 8, 2007


wee bunny faceMy latest project on the sewing machine (a knitting needle holder similar to the crochet one) has been kicking my arse, so it was nice to step back for a few hours and make something nice and simple.

The WeeBunny only took me an evening and a bit to make, and it would have been quicker if I hadn’t have been so stubborn about wanting the patterned material to look just right. I made a few alterations to the orignial pattern – I wanted him to have arms and weebunny frontweebunny backlegs to avoid my child growing up convinced that all rabbits in the world are amputees. I left Dan in awe at my pompom making skillz when it came to the tail. Daniel has named him Mortimer Q. Rabbit, between him and Bernard T. Hound we’re starting to gain quite the collection of poncy names in the collection of soft toys for the babe, I think I may start to demand naming rights.

He still needs stuffing but right now I’m too sick to leave the house, yet alone walk all the way down to Parramatta, yep, that’s right, as it seems to happen every year, as soon as January comes around I spend two weeks in bed with the flu from hell. Although this time hasn’t been as bad as last year, it still sucks because I can’t take anything for it, there’s nothing out there that would help and is safe for pregnant women, my midwife has been great, offering all sorts of natural remedies, but it’s reached a stage where I just want plenty of drugs and to get it over with.

Only a few more weeks until I dive headfirst into motherhood. I felt so prepared for it all in November, now I’ve reached the stage where I’m starting to panic and run around like a headless chicken. Even worse is that nesting came and went several weeks ago, I have so much to do and just no drive, or energy, to do it.



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