Posted by: Fern | January 9, 2007

Newborn Hat

My next project is going to be a hat for the baby, after spending so long doing this I’m looking for some instant gratification and tiny baby clothes are perfect for this, I want something I can start and finish in a day!

Newborn HatNext time I say something stupid like that, please punch me in the head. I’ve decided I need to move onto some more complicated crochet patterns so that they keep my interest, though the hat was a nice way to amuse myself whilst being forced to watch the Hallmark channel at my inlaw’s house over the holiday, I am now thoroughly sick of half-double-stitch. I Newborn Hat Backcan’t find the pattern in my bookmarks now, it fits Jovis nicely, now I just have to hope that my child is born with horns and fluffy ears, oh, and that it’s a girl – I was getting fed up of all the yellow and green!

I’ve hit a wall with my crochet, I’ve been really enjoying the sewing machine lately and have some material sitting at the post office waiting to be collected and turned into nappies but I have nothing that’s really blowing my mind crochet wise – somewhat annoying as I’ve now developed an inability to sit still through any telly show without my fingers itching to do something. Anyone feel like inspiring me?



  1. Thank god I didn’t buy yellow at the yarn shop the other day when I was picking out a colour for the baby jumper. It was in my hand and something told me to put it down…

    Must’ve been you subconsciously telling me not to buy yellow if I ever want to see your child in my creation.

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