Posted by: Fern | January 11, 2007

The Happy Hippy

Nappy fabricsI am a happy little hippy mother with an over indulgent husband who won an auction for a Hug-A-Bub for $90 (inc. postage) this evening whilst I was sleeping. PLUS I picked up my order from Nappies Covered this afternoon and will be getting to work tomorrow morning on the pocket pattern that I posted yesterday. If it works out and I don’t end up completely lame it means that a nappy will cost us around $6 each instead of the $23 I’ve paid for the few Greenkids in my stash. I love the GKs, but I just don’t feel right paying so much for essentially something that is just going to get covered in poo, plus this way I get to pick my own design and fabrics!

And just to settle a debate with Dan, the purple PUL with the dragonflies, that’s totally not-gay, right? He’s under the impression that if I clad our child (assuming it’s male) in purple, he’s going to suddenly start batting for the other team.



  1. […] our stash before the baby arrives, but currently all but the baby pink are sold out, and if Dan thought that the purple dragonflies was gay, then I’m guessing dressing our *possible* son in pink is probably a no […]

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