Posted by: Fern | January 11, 2007

The One Where Fern Gets WAY Too Excited About A Nappy

PICT4737After a few hours of cursing at my machine and trying to understand the vagaries of sewing elastic I have made my first ever pocket nappy! I am so freakin’ proud of myself that there are no words. I have been so involved in this I even forgot to eat lunch (which, when you’re 33 weeks pregnant I’ve discovered you become somewhat obsessed with), it even made me forget how sick I’m feeling. I’m just so elated that I finished it and it looks and feels great, now I’m just frustrated that I can’t try it out for a few weeks! Never thought I’d say that I want the babe to show up so that I can change it’s nappy! I’m convinced I am going crazy at an alarmingly fast rate.

PICT4740 The outer is PUL and the inner is microfleece, I’ve heard a lot of good things about suedecloth as an inner but I prefer all the colour options in the fleece and, although this doesn’t have one, dark inners do make a lot more sense to me. The fabric is from Nappies Covered who were great to deal with and very prompt with delivery. There’s some beautiful fabrics on there so as soon as they restock I may have to buy enough to build up a decent stash. The pattern is The Wee Weka Pattern, although I did make a few changes to the length of the waist, shape of the tabs and velcro positioning, for my next one I think I will also widen the crotch a little more to make it easier for stuffing and also so the babe doesn’t grow out of it too fast.

I have some fleece and PUL left over, and some toweling so I’m going to run up some pads for myself after I did some research a few days ago and discovered that The Diva Cup can’t be worn with post-partum bleeding, teh lame.

I am very proud of myself, and if Dan doesn’t come home and just bask for at least forty minutes in the beauty of my first ever homemade nappy, then a divorce may be on the cards.



  1. That is excellent, hope your DH loves it!! It’s gorgeous, you are very very clever!

  2. That’s adorable!! I still laugh every time I see that giraffe being used as your model. So cute!

  3. Thanks Veronica!

    Morgan – Leading up to our ultrasound I had a nightmare where we saw the baby on the screen and it turned out I was actually carrying a giraffe feotus, my mum bought Jovis a few weeks later. I’ve got so used to trying to fit clothes around his horns and tail that I’m going to be truly shocked when I have this baby and I have to get used to dressing a human!

  4. Yet again you have impressed me by your latent skills – where were they when I was up to my eyes in sewing orders? Mmmm….

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