Posted by: Fern | January 15, 2007

Nursery Talk

We have a definite date for the baby’s room to be finished, by the end of the Australia Day long weekend (26th-28th of Jan) we will have a room that is ready and prepared for me to pop out the sprog any time soon. I have been promised a trip to Ikea to pick up furniture and I fully intend to make the most of it… even if it means not eating for the remainder of the month so that I can buy what I want.

After thinking about it for way too long I’ve decided to go with white furniture as it makes the most sense, all the bedroom furniture we have so far – two chests of drawers, bedside table etc is white, although the crib is pine I figure it makes more sense to buy any extra furniture based around what we’d be using for the longest, so the drawers and the bigger furniture.

I would take photos of the room in its current state but I can barely open the door to get inside, so instead you have to imagine what is a fairly large room – it’s a double, with a beige carpet, horrible grey blinds (which we can’t take out, although they block out the light so well that I don’t think I’d want to), a big window covering almost the entire far wall and “buttercream” walls. Our big waist height white chest of drawers will be in there and it has a big hideous lampshade which I’m not going to even consider taking down, I’ll just pretend that no one has any interest in the light fittings, that said, I REALLY love this light.

Trofast storageI like this storage unit with the boxes shown on this page to store toys and general kid junk in. My mother-in-law is convinced that the feral is going to use it as a climbing frame, I personally don’t think so, but we shall see.

Next up we have the cutest curtains in the entire world. I said ages ago – actually when I got Jovis (the Giraffe who’s making his claim for fame via posing in my various creations in the photos on here) that I wanted to go with anCurtains animal/safari theme for the sprog’s room, I figure it was gender neutral, it wasn’t overly babyish (no Beatrix Potter for me!) and damnit it made me happy. Well it turns out that all the safari themes sucked, my mum bought me a really cute blue and green nappy stacker with a giraffe on, which is going to look great, but the rest of the set, other than costing some ridiculous amount, just looked way too cutesy for my taste, I just can’t do pastels. Then I discovered all the animals at Ikea that looked like some weird acid trip and I was sold. I love these curtains, I might add some lining to them depending on how the blinds go at keeping the light out. I like these curtains too, particularly as they feature some of the materials I was going to pick up to make some cushions.

RugThen we have a matching rug, complete with little elephant in the corner, this is the point where I’m starting to worry that we’re leaning very far towards this being a very boyish room, there’s lots of strong greens and blue, and despite Dan’s insistence that it’s all boy, we still don’t really know. There’s a girlier version of the rug available, but I always thought there were laws against having orange, red and pink next to each other, and what the hell is that in the corner? I think I’ll stick to the elephant version.

Cot sheetThen there’s the cot sheet, I’m not entirely convinced on this one, I don’t know if I like the red all that much, I’d be all over it if there was a blue version but there doesn’t seem to be, plus I’m worried about going a little OTT with a “theme” as such. I’ll take a look at this one when we’re at the store and if not I’ll run up my own on the sewing machine.

Assuming I have time I was planning on sewing either a couple of big floor cushions or a beanbag, I’m still hunting around for just the right material though.

I feel like we’re leaving this all to the last minute and my brain is going crazy, I just want to get it done and ready so I can feel confident, I know that if this child is even half as contrary as we are then he’ll pop out early just to spite us and make us feel totally unprepared. We have the cradle in our bedroom, so it’s not even like he’s going to be using his own room for a few months, but something is just nagging me to hurry up and get it done. Eleven days to go.



  1. I believe red is a colour that can excitement, passion and even anger, do you want to risk this when you are hoping for a placid, laid back sprog, particularly when it is time for sleepy-byes?

  2. That was my thoughts as well, it looks very harsh for a crib set, as much as I don’t want pastels, I didn’t want something quite as bright as that!

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