Posted by: Fern | January 16, 2007

When Fingers Go Bad

YoyosI love it when a mistake turns out okay! These were originally meant to be Viennese Fingers, until Dan started piping the first finger for me (I am teh weak!) and the bag split leaving dough all over his hand. So instead the dough turned into these, very soft vanilla cookies filled with an excessive amount of buttercream, and gosh they are nice, it’s just a shame that the mix only made about eight of them, they’re not going to last one night. Next time I might add some apricot jam into the middle as well.

Dan was in the toilet earlier when I heard an “Oh jesus!” come from inside… a fairly odd thing to say, so I asked him if he was okay, all was fine, few minutes later and he chirps up again “Eugh.. that’s gross!”, I’m confused as all hell now and when he comes out I ask him what was up, “Pregnancy is oogy, I was reading about rips, tears and cuts and stuff …have you been doing those exercises?!”. Turns out an article in one of my recent pregnancy magazines titled “How Not To Tear Down There” had turned my husband completely green. It was hilarious, now I can’t wait for our birth class in two weeks time!



  1. Those cookies look delicious, I hope they tasted as good!

    Heh, sod the birthing class – wait until the birth and he sees the head appear!

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