Posted by: Fern | January 18, 2007

Knitting Needle Holder

Morgan's Needle HolderA couple of days ago I finished the knitting needle holder I’d been working on as a present for Morgan, all it needed was ironing to flatten the seams and to fix the patch on. Hah. I don’t iron. My husband has been making quips about how she was never going to get this holder because I was never going to finish it properly, but after planning an impromptu lunch out today I had an hour to shower, find some clean clothes and finish the holder. That’s right, I USED THE IRON, this is even more dramatic than my decision earlier in the week to buy one of those widgets that turn your toilet water blue, I am officially sinking into domesticity.

Inside The Needle HolderThis project hated me, there is not a single stitch on there that has not been sewn and unpicked less than three times before I finally got it right. It looks great, I’m really proud of it, but it really didn’t want to just come together as easily as I thought it would. I like the frog transfer I found (after looking all over for a frog shaped button to do the clasp up with), that’s some hilarious knitting humour for you. My photos aren’t very clear – my belly is intruding in most of them, but Morgan will take some more I’m sure.

I picked up some stuffing to fill up my WeeBunny, he’s now very fat and just needs his little tail sewn on. I also picked up some fabric to make my niece’s birthday present, although I can’t decide if the pattern on the material is really cool, or really lame, niether Morgan or I could remember whether we would have been impressed with it at thirteen, I guess old age is setting in fast. I also have some new hand dyed wool, I want to make something fabulous out of it, but I have no idea what, it’s a fairly small amount, just one skien, any inspiration would be fabulous.



  1. OMG Fern – you are so creative!

  2. The needle holder is fabulous! Thank you so much. xxx

    And just so you know what a dork I am…I noticed you changed the picture on your header and for awhile I was like “Hmmm…why did she put a leaf up there???” Then I realized it’s a Fern, as in *you*: Fern. Duh. Totally over my head for a little while there.

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