Posted by: Fern | February 6, 2007

Time For A Change

I’ve been slack with updating lately, I’m still sewing and cooking, just nothing photogenic unfortunately, but my crochet has come to an abrupt halt as I’m completely dry on inspiration, I have a beautiful stash but I just can’t find the right pattern to make up, plus I currently have the attention span of a gnat.

Wandering around some links this morning I discovered this documentary on modern cloth nappies, it’s the abridged version, but it’s still very interesting and only four minutes long. I thought it might clear up a few questions that people had been asking me recently and give you a better idea about MCN. It’s Kiwi, so you have to get over the funny voices 😀 but it’s very informative and I demand everyone watches it now.

NZ has some excellent policies on MCN, with the government even giving out small grants to those parents that are choosing to use cloth instead of filling up a landfill and cloth nappies seem a lot more readily available over there than here in Oz or the UK.

My gnattish attention span has kicked in again and the wonderful post I was intending to write just isn’t materialising, so instead I shall leave you with a couple of links…

The Nappy Debate on The Canberra Environment and Sustainability Resource Centre

Disposable Nappies: a Looming Environmental Threat?
in the UK Guardian a few months ago.



  1. Hey Fern,
    We love your book list, you have great taste in the little library genre!
    Kate saw your blog today and has been catching up your world.
    And of course we all love Jovis!
    Jen xx

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