Posted by: Fern | March 3, 2007

Not Very Impressed With Bathtime


We’ve worked out how to make bathtime less of a battle – the little man screamed when we tried to bathe him in the baby bath, but loves it if I get in the bath with him and hold him while he’s being washed. Now we just need to work out how to make the whole drying part less traumatic, he’s not overly impressed at Daddy’s drying skills, and probably even less impressed with the flash going off as I try to catch his tantrum over being forced to wear and oh-so-cute hooded towel.

Today was my due date, the date I planned everything around for the last nine months, it’s funny to think of Declan just showing up now when we’ve already had him in our lives for almost two weeks. You’d think after two weeks I would start regaining some form of a life, but I’m still at a stage where managing to shower in the morning is a great accomplishment.



  1. hahaha. Helloooo tantrum. He looks so pissed…

    It’s adorable.

  2. aww. poor little one. My little guy did the same thing. I finally resorted to latching him onto the boob while his dad toweled him off. A week of that, and he suddenly decided that being toweled off wasn’t that bad afterall.

    It also helped to keep the bathroom nice and warm by plugging in a space heater. 🙂

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