Posted by: Fern | March 19, 2007

Month One

Dear Declan,

In the slingOne month ago to this moment a little wriggling messy baby with big grey eyes was laid on my chest. It seems that after a week of being an angel baby you’ve decided to revert back to the way you came into the world, with lots of noise. We are on our fourth night of no sleep, taking turns with you sleeping on us to avoid the high pitched screeching that begins as soon as one of us puts you down. The only good thing about this is that I’m palming you off to your father more often after realising that I can’t do everything myself. It’s been great watching your Dad become more confident looking after you, looking at your bum in the air as you’re laid across his lap sleeping whilst he’s on the computer makes me smile.

I have decided that the best $80 I have spent in my entire life has been on my sling, you’re out like a light the moment we put you in it, but I still haven’t mastered sleeping completely upright which leads to problems when nightime comes. I would also like to see a little more of my baby than just your mouth and a hand as I look down.

Your Nana finds this all hilarious and is convinced that it’s karma coming round to punish me for being such a high maintenance baby twenty years ago, although I think she’s secretly delighting in the fact that she has an excuse to hold you constantly.


Dad and I spoke to a psychic about you a couple of days ago, the same one that told you Dad that I’d be pregnant before we got married. You’re an old soul apparently and came into the world far more advanced than the average babe, sometimes looking at your eyes I can believe that, you seem to know far more than you’re letting on. Something exciting is meant to happen when you turn six months but so far no clue as to what and according to the spirits you’re also due to have a sister in less than two years time.

The first month with you as part of our life has been a steep learning curve, and once I ignore the lack of sleep, the sore nipples and the constant laundry, it’s really rather nice, in fact, despite everything I listed, I’ve discovered I’m happiest being a mum than I ever remember, so thank you for allowing me the opportunity.




  1. I can’t believe I haven’t met him yet 😦

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