Posted by: Fern | April 2, 2007

Fern = Slack Blogger

cheeky grinIt has been one of those mornings. Boofhead has had two changes of clothes after poo has exploded up his back, I’ve spilled gripe water all over myself and in the brief moment of peace when I decided to make some breakfast I managed to cremate my toast… and it’s only 10am, I wonder what other delights the day has in store for me today.

Hah, and just as I was about to type “Declan is currently gurgling away and amusing himself in the bouncer” he started having a tantrum, I am now typing with a baby on my lap, something I’ve become an expert at over the last six weeks, along with breastfeeding whilst eating (I’m sure Dan thought he had a while before he had to cut up my food for me) and throwing a nappy over Declan Jr. before I get showered with pee. Awesome.


kitchenWe’ve found a new house, after looking around for what seems like forever we’ve found one that I’m absolutely in love with, four bedrooms, seperate lounge and dining, all one level and with a small garden which won’t take too much effort to look after and it’s only four years old so the kitchen is really modern – only downside is no air con and no gas. It’s walking distance to Dan’s work and really close to the bus route so I can get into Parramatta. We put in an application this morning and I’m going to cry if we don’t get it! The picture isn’t of our actual kitchen, but the house next door which is a mirror image so you have to imagine the kitchen on the opposite side, and the worktops are a different colour. To the left of the picture you can see the entrance to two of the bedrooms and just behind where you would be standing is the lounge. Good vibes please, I REALLY want this place!!


Footprints with NannaMost of last week was spent up at my Mum’s, she took the brat at night and just brought him in to be fed, I actually managed to get some sleep! She said she had lots of fun playing for a few days but had forgotten how much the sleep deprivation hits you when you’re up half the night trying to settle a baby, I think she was very keen to get rid of us and have a nights sleep by the end of the couple of days!

We attempted to make hand and feet prints and discovered that it’s no where near as easy as we first imagined, everyone ended up covered in blue paint, which we then found out wasn’t as washable as the packaging professed. I now have several pages of blue smudges.

I also finally got to see the Pelican feeding… gosh that’s an awful lot of very big birds.

Pelicans FTW!!


Declan is six weeks old today, which means that I get my first boob badge! I was telling Dan all about this last night and he couldn’t muster up the slightest bit of enthusiasm for it, but I’m damn proud of myself, six weeks with just mama milk has turned my tiny newborn into a chubby, very alert, active baby. Go me! I’ve found that setting short term goals for myself has really helped when I feel like I’m going insane in the middle of the night feeding him, so I’m aiming for three months next. It really helps that he’s also really keen to take a bottle so Dan can help out as well, although we only do that very occasionally I really need to keep up with pumping so I can have a decent freezer stash, maybe even enough for us to go out for a night and leave Nanna in charge… time alone, now that would be novel!

Okay, I’m off to do the washing up and then work out what I can pack away to make us more prepared to move house within the next few weeks. Remember, good vibes!!!


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