Posted by: Fern | April 6, 2007

Arty Farty

3agesdetailOne of my main complaints about Dan’s flat is the lack of anything on the walls, after a couple of years I did put a few things up – two David Gough prints (although I will forever kick myself for not buying the orignal of one of them considering it ended up selling for such a steal) and a tapestry of Klimt’s “The Embrace” that I either nicked off my mum or she gave it to me as a present after I nagged her about how much I liked it when it was hanging in her lounge.

So, as a present to myself for being such a wonderful househunter, last night I put in an order at and picked up some pieces to decorate the new place with, and then told Dan that he could do the same. Big mistake. After making him go through all his choices and pick out his favourites we cut the price in half and ended up with some really nice pieces. I grabbed a detail of Klimt’s “Three Stages Of Woman” painting for the bedroom, Picasso’s “The Dog” for the kitchen, and an illustrated poster for Labyrinth for my study, Dan ended up with a plethora of movie posters for the computer room, Doom, Star Wars, Superman and Ghostbusters, and we both lay claim to massive Judgement Day poster that is destined for pride of place in the lounge. Now all that we need to do is head to Ikea and pick up some frames for them.

Dan’s parents have offered to put some money towards us hiring removalists so we’ve decided to go for that route, I was dreading trying to move everything with a newborn so this just makes it so much easier. That should be on the 21st and Mum is helping me sort out and take over the smaller stuff during the next couple of weeks.

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