Posted by: Fern | September 19, 2007

Current UFOs

Current UFOs

Here we have the sock monkey floor blanket (from SnB – HH), it’s been in this state since D was 2 months old, I haven’t been able to find one ball of yarn so that I can finish it, yesterday I finally managed to find one in stock in Geelong. I need to make a final granny square and then add the border. Declan is too old for it now anyway, but it’ll be nice to have it finished.

On the floor is my current WIP, a crayon blanket inspired by a pattern on CrochetMe. Since taking this photo yesterday I’ve almost finished the yellow crayon. I need to make another four (green, blue, indigo and violet) and then add writing on the indivudual crayons.

One Mary Jane using hand dyed wool that went wrong – I made the sections way too short IMO. I seem to have misplaced my 4.5 hook so I have to buy another before I can finish this one. Pattern again from CrochetMe.

Yet another CrochetMe pattern (I scoured their archives in the last few months and found a load I liked!) a Cowl, but I’m not a fan, and as winter is long gone I think I may just frog this. The yarn is beautiful and I picked it up on sale from Spotlight, I can’t remember what kind of blend it is, but it’s soooo soft.



  1. It’s neat seeing someone make my blanket! 🙂

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