Posted by: Fern | September 27, 2007

Aprons And Tortoises

Apron close up

After stalking Alicia’s Blog last night and following link after link I ended up on Tie One On and promptly decided that aprons were the best thing in the entire world. Although the current month challenge didn’t do anything for me, it did inspire me to sit down when I had an hour spare this afternoon, work out a pattern from looking at various vintage aprons and throw this together. Originally I wanted it in a kitschy bright fabric to make it as 50s as possible, but this pattern was staring at me from my stash and just begging me to do something different with it. It was previously a pillowcase that I picked up from the clearance bin in Ikea for $2 – it had a slight stain in the corner. In retrospect, if I did this pattern again, which I would like to, I would make the frill more open and less pleaty, and also would remember that no matter how bad I want it, to not make it up in black and white – I look like a French maid, particularly in the black dress I wore today.


And this is the little guy I threw together a few nights ago when I was craving for some instant crochet gratification. Entirely from remnants of my own hand dyed wool, using single crochet and a 4mm hook he took me about 2 hours from first chain to finishing the stuffing and sewing him up. He is yet to be named, but Declan, so far, is a big fan.



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