Posted by: Fern | October 4, 2007

Babyproofing Starts Now

I need to relocate my yarn bag

This is what I mean about Declan starting to get around more, a couple of days ago I went into the kitchen to get some toast for breakfast, left the boy playing on the floor, I walked in to find him stuck into my stash bag, yes, it’s not the smartest idea to keep it RIGHT next to his toy basket, but at least I can be thankful it wasn’t Crisco.

Jen gave my Mum back to me today. I’m not sure who’s missed her more, me or Declan, she was smothered in the lovely slobbery baby kisses as they were laying on her bed together earlier, I think that he’s just happy that there’s someone else to spoil him. She’s mentioned going back to New Zealand in a couple of months, but only if Jenni has finished her book by then, little do they know that I intend to lock her in her room and refuse to let anyone else have her.

In completely unrelated news, we weighed D today, he’s up to 8.54kg, that’s almost nineteen pounds, I can’t believe what a chunk he’s becoming.



  1. That baby of yours is a lil hottie! He’s going to break some hearts when he’s older!

    You mentioning how much he weighs has made me realise how much weight I have lost. Having lost 46 pounds so far I’ve lost over two Declans! It’s a lot heavier than I realise! (I remember how heavy 6 month old babies are!)

  2. Wow Claire, it’s amazing when you think of it like that, he breaks my back everytime I lift him so you must be feeling so much better not having to carry around two of him on you. Well done! 😀

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