Posted by: Fern | October 13, 2007

Socks and Social Networking

sssbuttonI’ve been talking about crocheting a pair of socks for ages now, particularly after I made my Mary Janes and had my first experience heel shaping – it wasn’t much fun, and is the primary reason that I still only have one slipper – that and I’ve lost my 4.5 hook and not a SINGLE store near me carries one. Weird. So, to encourage me to get started on my first ever pair of socks, and hopefully make two of them, I’ve joined up with the Southern Summer of Socks blog, I’m hoping that this combined with being able to tick the “completed” box on Ravelry will mean that I finally finish a set, having until March also helps as well. I’ve decided to use this toe up pattern, but have yet to decide on my yarn, whether to just buy some self striping stuff or take the time to dye my own.

If anyone else wants to join in me in sock creating, you have until the end of the month to sign up.

My sister persuaded me to join Facebook this morning, after several people telling me to join I finally gave in, and,I never thought I’d say it, but it’s somewhere I like even less than Myspace, which, considering just how much I hate Myspace, that really is saying something. I think I’m just not cut out for social networking sites, I just don’t see the appeal, I’ve been using the same journaling site since I was 12 and I have to say I’m somewhat stuck in my ways. I like to use it for talking about what’s happening in my life and keeping a record so that I have something to look back on, I just don’t understand the appeal of leaving comments on peoples pages and posting emo pictures of yourself on obscure yet oddly flattering angles. In fact, the only appeal there is in MySpace is looking up girls who were complete cows in highschool and enjoying their fall from grace, I’m sure that makes me a bitch, but I’m also fairly certain that 90% of people who have signed up have done it at some point.



  1. I’m not too fond of Facebook either. It used to be nice but with all the add-ons they have for the profiles now, everyone’s pages are a mile long and it gives me a headache to try to read them.

  2. oooooh I like the way you think. I HATE myspace and facebook and I am so proud of the fact that I havn’t signed up to a single networking site yet. I like to think of it as “what I do with my life is my business” and also, there are just some people from my past that I don’t want to bump into ever again. Plus the whole thing with facebook/myspace is that if someone friends you and you don’t, it becomes personal (eventhough you don’t really talk to them in the first place). ahhhhh hehe shouldn’t have started, now I’m ready to keep ranting! but I’ll stop here 🙂

  3. I agree with Alicia about the new Facebook. The only time I ever really get on it is to message my SO back and forth while he’s at work because the site isn’t blocked. :]

    Now that I’ve discovered the world of Blogs, you can either find me on M07Ms or surfing my favorite blogs plus random ones by click-click-clicking whatever looks interesting!

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