Posted by: Fern | October 17, 2007

Sock It To Me

Watermelon The past couple of days have been spent turning this (beautifully twisted – thank you mum) hank of yarn into my first ever sock. The yarn is one of my hand dyed 70% Merino 30% Nylon sock yarns, instead of painting it as I usually do I soaked the halves. It wasn’t quite as successful as I’d have hoped – I wanted something summery and had visions of watermelons in my head, instead the dye was sucked up unevenly by the wool, so I had to make the green darker than planned to make up for the blotches, and the colours became less watermelon and more Christmas tree. The pink is spot on what I wanted, but the green could just be a tad lighter. On the plus side, it was a lot neater than my usual technique and I didn’t end up with dye all over the kitchen worktops.

TopThe sock is making quick progress, I took these photos last night and since then I’ve added a heel and I’m working quickly up the ankle. I find it facisnating to watch the stripes form but I’m no clearer on how I should be dying to get the look I want. This was meant to be very thin stripes alternating between rows, instead I have a fat spiral. The pattern calls for extended single crochet, which I was having troubles with – my foot was growing and growing to huge proportions, so I frogged and did it all again in just single crochet, I think that I’ve now worked out what I was doing wrong, so I’m excited to start a second pair once this is finished following the pattern to its full extent.

Hopefully I will finish tomorrow, and, if I’m lucky I’ll manage to find the spare time to finish the pair by the end of the week. I have to admit I’ve jumped on the sock bandwagon though, I can understand why people end up with piles upon piles of handmade socks, so far this has been lots of fun.



  1. I think your dye job looks great! I like the blotchyness. I can understand it being frustrating though if it wasn’t quite what you were looking for. Well, anyway, I like it.

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