Posted by: Fern | October 26, 2007

Latest Creations

I know this stuff bores the crap out of most people reading, but I have to admit, I really like documenting my what I’ve been up to lately.

PICT6437First up we have the tea towels that are currently prompting much debate in the Treacy household, Dan doesn’t understand the purpose of adding a crocheted trim onto a tea towel, I say to look pretty, he says he still doesn’t get it… but then, my husband “doesn’t get” why people would take showers more than once a fortnight, so I’d say his opinion was fairly moot. The tea towels were Dollar Store bargins for $2 each, the yarn is Sullivan’s Coton-A, it’s the first time I’ve crocheted in cotton. Cotton yarn isn’t anywhere NEAR as popular over here as it is in the US, a shame as wool makes me itch and I’m not a fan of wearing acrylic, but what you can get in RL stores is so limited that it isn’t really worth it. It was lovely to work with though and I’m planning on using it for some amigurumi when I get a chance as I think it will work up really nicely.

Hook Close Up

New Hooks!I also altered some hooks to make them more comfortable for me to hold, my hand starts to hurt after an hour or so of using a small hook, and so these were born. This pair was actually my second attempt, my first one I forgot about and they sat firing for about twice as long as they should, leaving me with some very brown, yet very comfortable, hooks. I still need to sand (note the fingerprint on the close up!), buff and varnish these to finish them, but I love them, now to create a complete set!



  1. I’m impressed with how creative you are!!

  2. Fern the hooks look so cool, what is it that you’ve used to make the handles?

    I agree on the cotton – I live in Townsville, Qld and the colour range is very limited. Although I found some great colours on the net and managed to make a rainbow “knee rug” violet, purple, red, yellow, green, blue, orange – I love it and because it’s so light it’s great for our weather – we only have a couple of weeks a year that requires a jacket or blanket..

    All the best to you and yours – and if ever you feel like dropping by our small crochet group, please feel free… Cheers, Ruth B

  3. Wow, the hooks look much more comfortable now and more stylish too. How did you do this?

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