Posted by: Fern | October 26, 2007

My Live In Jester

Too cuteLike every pregnant woman I had various expectations of my future baby/child, one thing I didn’t expect in the slightest is just how much Declan would make me laugh, I’m stitches through out the day watching him play and explore the world, and I think he’s just clicked that he can make me laugh and so goes out of his way to ham it up as much as possible. Covering me with kisses whenever my face is within his reach, crawling full pelt down the hall to come find me, clambering on EVERYTHING and just being generally entertaining. I’m never going to need a telly with this kid around, I’m just going to put him in a box and put that on the entertainment unit and offer bribes in the form of Elmo whenever we want to be amused.

PICT6387He has recently discovered how to pull himself up on the sofa/walker/side tables/bed/pram/laptop table/any flat surface available to stand and then cruise around. The only problem is that he has a death wish, he’ll take his hands away and then see how long he can stand without support, generally meaning that I have to stop what I’m doing, dash over and hover waiting for him to either grab back on or fall, the couple of times I haven’t got there fast enough there has been hell to pay. Earlier in the week he discovered he could climb onto the back of the walker and push it around to get where he wants to go, stopping only to randomly lean over and put his head in the seat, that became putting his head through the leg hole, only encouraged by me cracking up laughing. Because he now knows that I’ll start laughing at him everytime he gets the opportunity his head is now heading straight down there, I’m just waiting till his big boof skull gets stuck and he decides it isn’t as hilarious as he thought.

I swear this child will turn me grey before I’m 25.



  1. Isn’t it amazing how they can just change what matters in life….they make you laugh, cry, scream, yell……but at the end of the day, your heart is so filled with love for them it is unreal.

    And the grey hair….TOTALLY worth it!

  2. Heh! lol. He is fearless by the sounds of it and that is a good thing! He will be open for having new and different experiences when he gets older. My sisters boy was exactly the same. Maybe he’ll be a comedian who bungee jumps, lol!

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