Posted by: Fern | November 2, 2007

Happy Things

Lynnette from the March 07 Boards has recently been posting three things each day that make her smile, to encourage herself to be more positive and focus on the happy things. I’m not feeling in my happy place today – baby not sleeping, money issues, all of those exciting grown-up things, and to bring me out of this funk I think it’s time for me to focus on the good things instead.

  • Christmas is officially coming! Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year, although I don’t think I will ever adjust to having a hot Christmas, I long for the cold and the Christmas markets and the roast dinners of home, I still find it fun. This year I’m particularly excited about having Declan’s first Christmas, I know he’s too young to understand it, but I can’t wait for him to experience it all, spend time with his family, play in boxes and take his first visit to Father Christmas. I also have most of my presents planned out and as part of my new budget I’m really trying hard to have a handmade Christmas.
  • Declan is now not hesitating in crawling properly, pulling himself up and generally being a terror. This is bittersweet, I love watching him develop and being so proud of himself when he learns something new, but I was in tears today at just how fast it’s gone, I’ve tried so hard not to waste a moment, but of course there’s been times where I’ve begrudged him being there, when I’ve wanted to take off my Mummy hat for a week and just have a break. Watching him develop into a toddler really brought home just how quickly the last nine months have flown by.
  • The crochet piece I’m working on at the moment – a cardi for my Mum is turning out to be beautiful, and is working up really quickly, I’m not one to blow my own trumpet normally, but I am proud of myself with how much I’ve developed, I started crocheting just over a year ago as I wanted to make my feotus a crocheted goat toy that I found a pattern for, it took me a few failed projects, but now I can do (almost!) anything I put my mind to, I can read a pattern without any hesitation and rarely need to look up stitches. I remember throwing things across the room in frustration when I began, but I’m glad I kept it up, I think it may be the one thing that’s kept me sane since D’s birth. Though I have become a bit of a crochet snob, I remember when I was sitting in hospital waiting for labour to actually begin, every two or three hours a nurse would come around and note down what I was currently doing at that time, I have no idea what a chart of “10am – talking on the phone, 1pm – typing on laptop, 4pm – talking to husband” was meant to do, but they obviously thought it was important. At one stage I was working on a purple scarf for my niece and I saw the nurse write down that I was knitting and I quickly corrected her. it makes me laugh as I promised I would never become a hook snob!

I think it works, I do feel happier now 😀

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