Posted by: Fern | November 14, 2007

Cheese And Bacon Damper

Damper Inside Today I baked the quintesentail Aussie dish, Damper. Traditionally cooked in the coals of a swagman’s fire whilst his billy boils or however the song goes, I decided to just throw mine in the oven and put the kettle on.

I added cheese, bacon, garlic, chopped onion, some basil and oregano, so not quite the traditional flavour, but super tasty anyway. Mum and I just had a slice for lunch, the rest will be served up with our dinner of pesto pasta, mmm.



  1. That looks gorgeous. I’m so hungry right now. I’ve made bread but never damper. I’m gonna look into it.

  2. Thanks Bells, I wish I could link you to the recipe I used but it was actually off the back of a packet of White Wings SR Flour 🙂

  3. It’s breakfast time here in the States, and that looks delicious. I can almost smell it if I knew what damper was 🙂

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