Posted by: Fern | November 16, 2007

Dollar Store Find

Desk organiserEveryone has their dirty little secrets, mine is dollar stores, or more correctly my addiction to dollar stores. Seriously, I love these places, I scour the shelves looking for those hidden gems, the ones that are just as cheap as everything around them, but don’t look quite so tacky. Half my house is decked out with dollar store finds and although I don’t shout it from the roof top, I am quitely proud of it.

My other dirty little secret (hah, like there’s only two!) is a love of Engrish, which just so happens to go hand in hand with dollar stores. This little baby I picked up in Hot Dollar on the bottom floor of Parramatta Westfield, just an ordinary desk organiser from a distance, till you get up close and it informs you just how much it’s going to enjoy your space, it makes me smile every time I read it, it’s just such a positive thought from something as simple as a pencil holder, I’m reminded of the toaster in Red Dwarf, who was just so damn happy about the possibility of toasting bread that he could barely contain his excitement.


The same store currently has a rip off mickey mouse tea towel with the something along the lines of “inappropriate family relations will help keep your space clean” written on the packaging. I’ve been tempted to buy it, but I just can’t bring myself to buy such a tacky tea towel just for the amusing packaging.

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  1. Oh my God I need one. Seriously, that is the coolest happy organizer evar!!

  2. Hi,
    You’ve been randomly tagged in a NaBloPoMo meme. Check out my website for the details.

  3. Oh, I love this little box and it’s joy in being helpful. I’ve seen one series of Red Dwarf but afraid I missed the toaster. Love that too.

    I really want to see that tea towel packaging. Take a photo?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Julie @ the calm before the stork

  4. Your blog makes me laugh so much! You’re such a great writer! I live in Parramatta too and those dollar shops rock! There’s an Asian shop next to Woolies on the fifth floor that’s closing down. They have journals with fantastic Engrish on the front. Check them out!

  5. I am the same way!! I think I have something from a dollar store in every single state I’ve ever been to. (I just happened to get a job at one – it’s craziness.)

    But hello? What’s better than a dollar? 🙂


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