Posted by: Fern | November 19, 2007

Month Nine

Dear Bedey,

Mummy is a slacker, I’m sorry, the last one of these was from your third month od life, and even that one seems to be forever stuck as a draft. I have various notes but what I’d really like you do is sleep for… hmmm.. about seven hours, just to give me a chance to type up my notes into something worth reading, or at least something more legible.

PICT6334You’re now nine months old, the last month you’ve become even more confident in your cruising, there’s no hesitation in pulling yourself up and grabbing whatever you’re not meant to have from on top of the side tables, coffee, crochet hooks, Zoloft, it’s all easy game for you now, I feel like I can’t babyproof fast enough.

You’ve stopped doing your cute yet awkward looking butterfly stroke across the floor, and are instead crawling properly, at a high speed, and usually into whichever room we’re trying to keep you out of, generally the bathroom. As soon as the bathroom door is open you will run in, originally it started with you crawling in to put your face up close to the drain on the floor and in the shower to stare down it, then it became an obsession with the toilet, pulling up on it and banging the lid as hard as you can like a drum, I took a video of you a few weeks ago as you did exactly this, you heard your name, pretended like you totally weren’t doing what I just got PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE of, and instead took a great interest in playing with the toilet paper. I think someone has been taking tips from OJ. Now the toilet obsession is gone, now the first go to is the bath, you’ll pull yourself up and then hop from one leg to the other, trying to get them high enough to climb in, if I do turn on the tap to wash you then you’ll start to hyperventilate with excitement. It’s like the tap is spurting out pure liquid Elmo and you’re about to bathe in it, the joy is just that great.


Last week you started “talking”, overnight you went from mute to us trying to find ways to shut you up. Babababa, became dadadada, which is now a clear and delightful “Dada”. I was laying in bed a few mornings ago and heard the “Dada.. Dada” call, knowing that you were now pacing back and forth along the sides of your crib like an animal caged, your night waking every three hours was now over and you wanted out. Dan went in to get you up for the day and the squeal of excitement when you sawPICT6414 him was wonderful, just for that, I might let you off the complete lack of “Mama” in your vocabulary, but if you could maybe just work on a “Mmmmm” sound, that would make me happy, I know that in your hierarchy of people in your life (and yes, this includes muppets and hoobs and the monkeys on Baby Einstein) I come fairly low down, but if you could just work on it, it would be much appreciated.

Love always,




  1. Adorable! “Pure liquid Elmo” Yep, that about sums it up perfectly. *chuckle* Thanks for reminding me of those times with my kids.

  2. He is just too cute….and don’t blink again cuz he’ll be running before you know it!

  3. That’s one cute boy! I should know: I have three of them! Just so you know, developmentally the baby’s mouth is physically able to articulate “D” before “M,” that’s why you get “Dada” instead of “Mama”. I used to figure if the kid says “Dada” then “Dada” can take care of it!

    Greetings from a NaBloPoMo blogger. In addition to posting daily on my own blog, Tales From The Testosterone Zone, I’m trying to post a comment on someone else’s blog. Stop by The Zone sometime and say hi.

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