Posted by: Fern | November 19, 2007

Sexy New Layout

Okay… so maybe it’s not sexy, but it makes me smile. I spent a couple of nap times working on this today, it was nice to actually do some design and css again, but it certainly reminded me just how rusty I’ve become. I used to be able to spend hours playing with site design and now I’m lucky if I get online long enough to catch up on a few blogs and read all my spam.

What I’m hoping is that I’ll be able to do a new design every month, at the moment I think it’s a bit of a pipe dream, but hopefully it will pan out, as I become less rusty it will take me less time.

Whilst we’re talking about websites, my big sister’s jewelery site, is now up and running, although the shopping cart isn’t functional yet, you can still buy and order from her via email. Take a look at her jewelry and then buy lots of it 🙂 each piece beautifully handmade with a lot of love put into it. I wore one of her sets for my wedding and it remains my favourite piece of jewelry still… and not just because it’s purple.



  1. love the new masthead! its gorg! i think i’ll need to bug you about that metalic font when i get a pc and can do some design work of my own.

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