Posted by: Fern | November 20, 2007

I Am Driving In My Car

New Car!!We have a car!! It may not be a new car, but dude, it’s a car!!! We haven’t had one for about 18 months now, since our old Subaru (old as in, it was older than me) died, and then had its numberplate stolen, and then bits ripped off of it, then someone came round and offered us $100 for it and we gladly accepted.

If anyone has asked I’ve just played the whole environment angle and explained that we cared about the world and global warming and all that, but sod that, do you know how much it sucks having to walk a mile home with a load of groceries balanced on you and in the pram.

It’s not the best car in the world – my BIL basicly took it the the dealers to get some money for it and they laughed at him. Knowing that we were carless then they offered it to us instead. It’s due for it’s rego in February, and we’re not sure if it will pass, we shall see, but for now we have a car, yay!


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