Posted by: Fern | November 24, 2007

Tutorial Tuesday: Fantabulous Pincushion Tutorial


Ooops! Sorry for making you click one more link, but I’ve now moved the pincushion tutorial to my new craft related blog at, you can now find the Fantabulous Pincushion Tutorial over there. 😀



  1. Thanks for the tutorial, Fern. I have a few of those cardboard tubes from balls of cotton. I’ll give it a go today!

  2. Excellent Diane! Let me know how it goes 😀

  3. I’m going to try it as well! Thanks for sharing your ideas 🙂

  4. I love these, they are so adorable. My favorite part is how you coordinated the pins!! What kind of fluffy pink fabric is that on the pink cushion? It’s adorable!

  5. […] the most popular post with 218 views was the Fantabulous Pincushion Tutorial, even more impressive considering I posted it a week into December. I’m up for tripling those […]

  6. What a great idea! They look like cupcakes. I stuff mine with steel wool so the needles stay sharp and free from rust.

  7. […] Fantabulous Pincushion Tutorial […]

  8. […] two days, and it didn’t take much hunting to discover that it’s coming from My Fantabulous Pincushion Tutorial has been linked in a list of 22 Pincushion Tutorials, “woohoo! some new blood in the readers […]

  9. Fantastic pincushion tutorial. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. This is just a great idea. Do you know hoe to make a Cupcake Pincushion?

    Thank You so much

  11. Simply Fabulous. Do you know how to make a cupcake pincushion?

  12. Thanks for the tutorial and visiting my blog. I have some more cardboard tubes cut out to make more. They are so easy to make and addicting. I wish more people I knew were sewers. I’m adding your sewing machine cover to my long list of things I want to make. 🙂

  13. thank you for this tutorial

  14. […] Step 7 Image by The Treacys Part of the tutorial found here […]

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