Posted by: Fern | November 27, 2007

Food Ideas

Mum and I have been browsing through my cookery books today (and believe me, I have quite a few) and trying to come up with something new to cook for dinners. We’ve been stuck in a bit of a rut lately with dinners, not helped by the fact that Dan and are basicly polar opposites when it comes to what we like. I LOVE spicy foods, Dan really doesn’t, I could have mushrooms with every meal, Dan hates them, Dan would live solely on pasta and creamy sauces and although I love them I just can’t eat a pint of cream EVERY night as he wants to.

In our “regulars” menu we have, lasagne, spag bol, chilli (I take out Dan’s portion before any spice gets added), stroganoff (he obsessively picks out every mushroom), fried rice, carbonara, chicken shnitzel, hamburgers, honey mustard chicken, tortillas, fajitas. But that’s about it, very rarely does something new come along and if it does it doesn’t tend to stick around no matter how nice it was as it means I have to think too much about my shopping list. We love pasta, and rice.

So, what I would love is some suggestions from the lovely people reading this as to what we could add to our regulars to add some more interest and something different to what we usually eat. Only requirements is that it doesn’t take too long and that it doesn’t require so ridiculous amount of ingredients, I love to cook but I just don’t have to time to spend all evening in the kitchen any more, anything up to an hour is okay though. Also don’t forget that we’re at the height of summer at the moment, casseroles are a no go, and anything hearty like that just isn’t right for the Australian climate.

So, any ideas?



  1. You haven’t got any stir fries or rice/pasta salads! Root through the fridge, see what looks pretty and hope it tastes good flashed in the pan with some seasonings – et voila – stir fry! Or cook rice or pasta (I prefer the pasta for a cold salad, you could use cous cous aswell) Cook said choice add a few easy veggies in to cook at end, strain, season with herbs or stir in a bit of pesto and serve with a leafy salad and some tasty bread – ta da!
    Okay, so its not quite culinary brilliance, but I’m really short on time too and quite lazy when it comes to cooking now, it tastes good though and you don’t need to think much!

    x 🙂 x

  2. 2 of the things we eat every week are veggie souvlakis (nice and simple!) and home made pizza…you can buy the souvlaki bread and use it as a base and then just add sauce, veggies and meat if you want..and bake for about 20 minutes..yummy!

  3. I was going to suggest stir fries as well. Once you know the basics of what makes a good one, you need only be limited by your imagination!

    I’m a big one for mid week roast chicken. It’s great because really, just stick it in the oven and go away. Come back once in a while to check it’s ok or to loosen the potoatoes if they’ve stuck, but essentially, it’s a set and forget kind of dish. I also did a mini lamb roast last night in 50 mins. That’s 50 mins I spent knitting while the oven did the work!

  4. Michelle and Matt used to love African Chicken, its so easy, but sounds weird. Brown your chicken pieces, remove from pan and sweat some onions and garlic, than add a couple of spoons of smooth peanut butter. add the browned chicken and a large tin of diced toms, salt pepper and herbs to taste and simmer till cooked, serve with rice or mash.
    Another quickie that Michelle loved was corned beef hash, all you do is fry diced spuds and onions garlic and herbs add a tin of toms and cubed corned beef.
    One more quickie and I will shut up. Pick up the phone and order Pizza

  5. Oh FYI check out

  6. Jen – Can you get Quorn over there? Oddly enough I have been really jonesing for some quorn lately.

    Thanks for your suggestions girls 🙂 I think more stirfrys are the way to go, I used to have them a lot and since moving in with Dan I barely cook them.

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