Posted by: Fern | December 11, 2007

She Lives!

I am still alive, kind of 😉 Dan and I were struck by a bad case of food poisoning (thanks Dominos!) so we spent all weekend recovering from that whilst attempting to look after Declan at the same time. Then on Monday Jen decided to give Mum back to me so she’s been staying since then and we’ve been catching up on all the goss from her trip across the ditch.

Declan was fabulous with Santa, the elves even commented on how he’d been the quickest baby they’d had to do so far (the little girl, around eighteen months that was before us took almost twenty minutes before her parents finally decided to give up – why they didn’t make that decision after five minutes I have no idea), he sat on his lap, turned to look at the camera and gave some great smiles as I jumped around like an idiot.

I have a great Christmas stocking tutorial that I need to write up, and will do in the next couple of days. I have a milion and one things I need to finish over the next two weeks (whoever thought a handmade Christmas was the way to go was completely insane, NEVER let me do this again), but, Declan has suddenly decided that sleeping twelve hours a night with only one waking is the way to go, I haven’t slept this much in a year, it’s fabulous.


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