Posted by: Fern | December 17, 2007

Nine Months, 29 Days – First Steps

Declan’s been standing alone for the last couple of weeks, with the length of time slowly increasing, over the weekend Dan insisted he took his first steps, although I claimed it was more a case of him “falling with style”, today as I held the sippy cup and asked him to come over, instead of dropping to the floor and crawling over like I thought he would he let go of Dan’s hands and took a step, then another, then another, in fact five steps in total before he fell down and decided crawling is the way to go. He’s done it a couple more times this evening and I just can’t believe it. What happened to the tiny blog I had just a few months ago, it’s very bittersweet watching him grow up like this, I’m starting to get really bad baby envy when I see newborns out and about.

I’ve been meaning to upload some videos for ages, but I didn’t want to use youtube and I don’t have any video editing software on my laptop to compress the clips, but I’m using Mum’s laptop whilst mine is having repairs aaaand I had a brainwave of using Google Video, so hopefully this should now work wonderfully.

I present to you, my slightly odd son, and my husband’s man boobs….



  1. Awll too cute! And I am loving that Aussie accent you have going on, Fern! It’s MUCH stronger than when we met up!! xx

  2. Lol, I notice a twang every so often, but I don’t think it’s anywhere near as strong as everyone claims it is 😛

  3. Wow! I can’t believe that he took some steps! He is growing up so fast, isn’t he?

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