Posted by: Fern | December 26, 2007

Month Ten

Dear Declan,

Welcome to double digits! Your Dad has been ragging on me for being late with this update, but I wanted to make sure that I covered your first Christmas, so sorry for being seven days late, please forgive me.

Go Baby Go!The past month has been eventful, you have reached the next level of evolution, no longer are you a full time quadruped, you now pull yourself up on anything and everything and let go without the slightest hint of fear, sometimes you fall on your bum, but that’s happening less as you timidly put one foot in front of the other and take a few steps towards wherever you want to go. When you’re not stumbling like a drunkard around the lounge you’re racing us the length to the back door, laughing as we chase you, and if we dare to ignore you then you’ll turn around and come back to annoy us until we decide to play the game.

PICT6981Each day that goes by it seems you get more mischievous, if there’s somewhere you shouldn’t be that’s generally where we will find you. We can’t leave the bathroom door open otherwise you make a beeline for the toilet roll and delight in unravelling it all. You’ll crawl up to the big blue boxes of toys we have in the lounge, pull them over and then pick a toy in the furthest corner, everything will be thrown out until you get to what you want, which will amuse you for a few minutes before you run over to the bookshelves and start emptying them. We bought a set of foam floor tiles to use on the tiled section of the house, and you just rip them up and scatter them over the room, at least you did before I went at them with some duct tape, now those tiles aren’t moving unless you develop hulk like strength.

StockingsA few days ago we celebrated your first Christmas. On boxing day last year I was sitting on the beach with your Dad’s family and Gran pointed out a young baby, probably about 8-9 months old having a tantrum about wearing a hat and told me that “this time next year” I’d have one of them. I remember saying something at the time about how far away that was, little did I know how quickly the year would fly by! Your first Christmas wasn’t very eventful, you were totally bemused by your stocking and weren’t overly interested in opening anything, and completely ignored the pile of wrapping paper and most of the presents until we unwapped what is now dubbed “The Nipple Ball”, Elmo and firetrucks were cast aside for the $4 ball from K-Mart, you chase it up and down the house cackling, it’s cute, but if one of us trips over it one more time then I’m throwing it out, kay? 😛 You were thoroughly spoilt by your family, infact a large chunk of the presents I’ve hidden in the cupboard to switch out for others later, anything to save my house from being completely invaded by a vomit of primary colours and things that squeak.


I hope you had a lovely Christmas Bedey, I look forward to next one when you’ll be a whole lot less confused by it all 🙂

All my love,




  1. Sounds like a wonderful holiday! Hard to believe he is already 10 months old….time goes by just way too quickly!

  2. I want the t-shirt in teh last picture 🙂

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