Posted by: Fern | January 2, 2008

Has NN Become A Hair Blog? (AKA “Sorry Mum!”)

A few months ago Mum and I had a conversation that went something like this…

“I want to dye my hair bright purple, what do you think?”

“I think that it would give off the wrong impression”

“Uh huh.”

Soooo, Mum’s been out of the country… hmm, less than a week? And, bucking the trend of normally doing everything my Mum tells me to do (no seriously, my mother’s advice I have discovered is like gold), I am going against her recomendations, or at least I’m in the process of doing so…

Last night when I went to bed I looked like this (though with less makeup, less of a pout and more pyjamas on)

Stage One

Tonight as I am about to head to bed, I look like this…

Stage Two

(fyi, it was supposed to be platinum blonde, but I henna-d my hair about two months ago so it came out bright yellow… yes… I am aware that I currently look like a Doodlebop)

Tomorrow as I go to bed, it will be at it’s final resting colour, right now I have a purple box and a red box, I’m still undecided which way to go, but right now purple is in the lead as I’m scared about the yellow hair meeting the red dye and coming out looking like I’ve been tangoed.



  1. i vote purple! i wish i wasnt looking for work so i could do it to!

  2. damn! hit post to soon!

    what “impression” are you trying to give? and to who?

    i think that purple hair is fantastic. unless you’re struggling for money and have to work in a corporate office in the cbd. anywhere else and its just meh. people have funky hair now. its awesome!

  3. FINALLY!! how long have i known you for, and you have always talked about wanting to go purple.
    what dyes are you going to use, because when i was red, i used to take my hair to about the colour you have now, just depends on the brand. you could do both. both would be a bit special.
    will you bleach it again, before the final dye?

  4. You are one brave woman! I have been tempted at times to change my hair color, but never find the courage.

    PS – I stumbled on your blog from “The Mom Blogs”

    Happy New Year!

  5. I always wanted pillarbox red!

  6. Charm – I have no impression to give, the only people that see me most of the time are Dan, Declan and the strangers at Woolies 😉

    Carly – I’m using nordic blonde, because my hair is naturally very very dark brown I had to use two packets – first one took me to the ginger and he second took me to the yellow. I’m tempted to bleach it again but I don’t think my hair can take it, and I want to get the purple in before we go to visit the in laws on the weekend, hehehe.

  7. tee hee. You look like a cartoon character!

  8. Recommendation from a BTDT hair dye addict – do an intensive conditioning treatment. Then one more round of bleach and toner. THEN do purple. If you put purple over that yellow you are likely to end up with a very mutey-browny-mold color. Just some friendly advice! I can’t wait to see the final product. 😀

  9. Lol, Jaclyn, I was thinking of asking your advice, but too late, I did it 😛
    The purple definitely isn’t a muted brown, but it is a bit darker than I wanted, I’ve been trying to take pictures but my damn camera isn’t picking up the colour properly.

  10. thats it, man

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