Posted by: Fern | January 3, 2008

At Last! An End To The Vanity!

New hair 2I swear, I haven’t posted this many pictures online since I was 15 😉 I think the last few days may have filled in my quota for the entire year.

I am finally done with my hair, though my damn camera won’t pick up the colour properly so you’ll all have to imagine it, it’s more of a blue-purple than a red-purple that my camera is picking up, and it’s quite a bit more vivid. For once in my life I’m actually excited to watch my hair fade to see what colours are produced as the bleach is exposed slowly.

I think Declan is happy to get rid of his yellow Mummy, I think he would forget about the change whenever he fell asleep, so whenever I went to get him from a nap there would be a brief moment where he panicked and had to do a double take. With the purple he just keeps on laughing at me.



  1. Fern, you are never going to be accused of being boring! I like the hair, it suits you! (Much better than yellow, lol)

  2. I like it! It’s very Fern-like. Fresh and funky!

  3. Oooh that’s quite a cool look 🙂 Very young and unmummy (if that make sense, it’s a complaiment!)

  4. i love it, missy. the yellow didn’t look too bad, but this is truly gorgeous. what brand did you use? you going to keep it purple for a while?

  5. Carly -Yep, definitely staying purple for a while, I love it, and I’m not currently job hunting or doing anything that would get in the way, so I’m going to make the most of it!

    I know it was swazscoff (I know that is horribly mispelt) and the colour was something like “vibrant violet”, it was in red packaging, I can check when I get home in about a week!

  6. bah, even if you were currently job hunting, that shade of purple would hardly put you at a disadvantage.
    i was checking out hair colours today, and found the colour you used. transferring the colour on the packet to your face (because i know how horrible cameras are at capturing reds and blues), and you better be making the most of it, it is by far the best colour i have seen on you.
    what’s it doing now? has a week of sun and swimming started to bring you new colours?

  7. It’s fading a lot quiclker than I thought it would! I think I’m going to be lilac in a few weeks! It looks great in daylight but indoors it looks far too muted 😦 I went and spoke to a chick whilst we were up at Port and she found me some great dyes that I can get in priceline, they’re exactly what I’m looking for, so I’m going to give this a month or so to fade some more and then freshen it up with that!

  8. POser!! lol just kidding love you loads Auntie Fern!!


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