Posted by: Fern | January 7, 2008

The Local Fauna

Tiny Lizard

This is a fairly unimpressive picture until scale comes into it, this little guy was so calm he actually crawled onto my hand, I tried taking a picture but he was speedy once he got on there, but from the tip of his tail to his head he was not much longer than my fingernail.

It’s silly, I’ve been here three and a half years, and probably see about three lizards a day, more when it’s hot, and yet they still fascinate me, coming from somewhere where the highlight of the local wildlife was scungy pigeons, it always makes me feel very exotic to see lizards dashing past.



  1. great photo! I had a similar experience with ‘wildlife’ in England. I saw a mole, well evidence of a mole, in a garden once – the earth sort of wobbled and I was told it was a mole underneath. So cool! And the first time I saw a pheasant on the side of the road I went crazy. I loved them!

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