Posted by: Fern | January 15, 2008

“My Mind Is Beginning To Unravel, Like Small Kittens With A Tapestry”

Browsing around this morning hunting for any more information on Bill Bailey’s Eurovision prospects (he’s confirmed it in writing, during sketches and on a filmed interview, but I still don’t believe he’s going to go through with it!) I ended up being sucked into YouTube and clips from his various shows. Not long after I moved out here “Part Troll” came to Sydney and I was so hyped, before I even bought tickets the show was cancelled due to ill health and I completely forgot about it when they rescheduled – still kicking myself for that one.

So I thought I’d share a Bill Bailey classic with you. This is Bill on Blood Sports and Vegetarians, originally I was going to pick his now infamous “Argos” sketch, but, as it would make absolutely no sense to anyone outside of the UK, I decided against it 🙂 Enjoy.



  1. Bill Bailey is hillarious! I bought Part Troll about a year ago, it’s on of the few DVDs you can watch over and over again… I’m guessing you’ve seen Black Books also, right?!

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