Posted by: Fern | January 22, 2008

Facebook Highs

I LOVE FACEBOOK! I just found (well actually they both found me!) two friends from year THREE, we met when I was seven, and they did a hell of a lot better than me because they actually remembered my surname! It’s amazing, it makes me want to go back to the UK and hang out with all the friends I lost with each school change. Lately I’ve been hit with such a strong sense of homesickness, I think if the option came up tomorrow I would probably move back to the UK, I know I would regret it fairly quickly, but recently I’ve been longing for the sense of history and past that I just don’t have here.

Anyway, onto facebook etiquette… I just did a quick search and found my next door neighbour, we get along okay, she invited me over for a girly candle party when we first moved in, I’ll chat to her or her husband when we see each other and I baked them some cookies for Christmas. She has a son a few months older than Declan and she’s expecting another boy in March (IIRC) so I would like to be friendly with her, because that’s about the only person that I know who has a child, but I don’t want to be pushy, would adding her be seen as kinda stalkerish and definitely pushy, or would it be seen as the first step to becoming friends?



  1. I think requesting her as a friend would be a first step (maybe message her along with the add request) toward becoming friendly!

  2. Not stalkerish at all. My neighbour from SA added me and I’ve not seen her for 13 years. It was great to feel as though I still had a part of my SA life.

    Add me!

  3. i say add her. really, all she can do is ignore your request, which is highly unlikely, after all, it is facebook.
    it will more than likely become a step towards being more friendly, you have nothing to lose and much to gain.

  4. Adding next door neighbours to talk about == not stalkerish.
    Adding strange welshman who live in a far superior hemisphere == very stalkerish, especially if you want to name your second child after them….

    But we still love you! (We being me, and love you being love you in a way that won’t get my head kicked in by your hubby/child)

  5. See! This is the reason Dan has no-no’d the name, because he said that you would claim that you had a child named after you in Australia 😛 actually he’d be named after someone else, but his spelling is Reese, which is just ghey. And it’s only a middle name anyway!

    See me ignoring your superior hemisphere BS?

  6. Oh, and I’m about to add next door neigbour, but I want to add a personal note but I don’t know what to say!

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