Posted by: Fern | February 9, 2008

February Needs To End Soon

We’re not even ten days into this month and I’m already completely over it, I haven’t had time to sit down and scratch myself, Declan’s been sick, we haven’t gone more than a couple of days without visiting the doctor for one of our ailments, I think I gave too short a time frame for a custom order that I have to do this weekend and I’m just generally shattered. I haven’t even sent out the invites for Declans party in two weeks!

I need a holiday.


I shall leave you with a picture of the boy rockin’ out his new Engrish t-shirt (this one was a Parramatta High Street bargain) it says “Fine Day! Many Ladybugs. Delightful Happy Flying!!!”, and on the back, “Ladybugs And Four Leaf Clover A Circle Of Happiness.”. It’s another example of an object being so chuffed with itself, I love happy things.


  1. Hey hun! Sounds like we’ve both been flat out and our girlie get together keeps getting pushed aside 😦 I miss you though so we need to catch up soon. Are you free anytime in the next 17 years?

  2. You have to come to Declan’s party Morgan! it’s on Saturday the 23rd.

  3. Um, Fern, I thought the party was on Sunday 24th! Ooops!

  4. Yep, I was informed just after writing this that it’s actually Sunday! Don’t worry, I’ve put the right date on the invites!

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