Posted by: Fern | February 26, 2008

Fourteen Whole Days

Has it really been that long since I updated the interwebs on my little corner of the world? Time needs to slow down to my pace so that I can actually catch up. Recent news goes something like this.

  •  Declan turned one just six days ago, and I went the entire day without crying about it, I think for that I at least get a gold star or something. I will be writing his One Year post after his birthday party this weekend, which I have nothing ready for and am looking to be completely unprepared. We spent his birthday visiting my in laws, only to return the following day because….
  •  Dan has a new job!So far he’s enjoying it, but it’s a BIG job. He’s working in the city so commuting for a big chunk of the day. Declan coudln’t care less, which is odd, I thought his Dad being around less would both him, but I miss him like crazy (all together now, “awww”), we spent the grand total of half an hour together before I went to bed last night because…
  • I still feel like hell.
  • And this one doesn’t follow on in the slightest, but today marked Declan’s first significant blood loss, he chased after Dan down the hall as he left this morning and tripped over his PJs, cue landing face first on the tiled floor and his tooth going through his lip. I did what every mother would do, calmed him down just enough, then took photos of the blood pouring down his chin, what kind of blogger would I be otherwise? He spent the morning sitting on the sofa watching Elmo and feeling very sorry for himself, but seems to have cheered up a little now.

And that’s about it.



  1. aww poor Declan!

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