Posted by: Fern | February 28, 2008

We Are The Music Makers

This post on ParentDish has got me thinking this morning, once I’d taken the time to ignore the self righteous attitude of the author, it got me thinking about how much what’s going on around Declan affects him.

I was just as self righteous before Declan was born, everything from telly, breastfeeding, solids, I was going to do perfectly. Then I actually became a mother and all of my ideals went tits up as I discovered that it was a somewhat different reality from the one I had imagined. I suddenly had a sick baby that would scream if he wasn’t distracted, and of course, what was the only thing that would distract him? Baby-Bloody-Einstein played on repeat, several times a day, I can now hear a piece of Mozart and associate which puppet is dancing on the screen to it, that evolved into The Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh, which then, when we got our TiFaux, the new obsession became Sesame Street.

Back then I used the TV to distract him enough to calm down, now I’ll admit it’s out of habit, and to get a break. The TV goes on when he wakes up, allowing me to make breakfast, check my emails and sort myself out for the day. He ignores it for the most part and instead usually focuses on getting all of his toys out, because OMG they’ve been tidy for almost TWELVE WHOLE HOURS. The telly goes off until around five when it’s back on to Nick Jr/Playhouse Disney whilst I make him dinner and is on until he goes to bed at around 7:30, towards the end of this is the only time he’ll sit and watch it deeply. I’m not overly worried about his television consumption, it’s a short period of time and if he’s up it’s only kiddy channels so there’s nothing that’s destroying his fragile little mind.

It’s the gap between 9am and 5pm that is starting to worry me. See, I’m the kind of person who goes stir crazy in silence, it drives Dan, someone who follows the train of thought that if the baby is asleep we can finally get some peace and quiet, completely insane. As soon as nine comes around the tv goes and on comes music. My music really isn’t kid friendly. I primarily listen to a lot of Rock, mainly classic stuff, there’s also a huge amount of Prince, and most Trey Parker/Matt Stone songs – so basically, if there’s a song out there that’s about getting high, getting laid or being romantically involved with Saddam Hussein, I’ve probably got it, and, I’ve probably sung it to Declan at some point.

It only clicked yesterday as we sat on the floor playing with Duplo and I sung the oh so catchy “Scotty Doesn’t Know” to my one year old that I’m probably putting all kinds of less than gentlemanly ideas into his head. But, if I cut down my playlist I have a feeling it will go from its current five gigs to a couple of Queen songs, a bit of Crowded House and of course the large collection of Muppet songs that I seem to have accumulated. It may put me into the bad mummy category, but I just can’t spend seven hours a day listening to The Rainbow Connection.

I’ve tried to rack my brains to work out what my parents did regarding this, because last I checked I didn’t come out too badly, and I can’t remember for the life of me. So, BTDT Mums, did you start editing your music collection as your children reached the age where they’re starting to pick things up and become a lot more aware? Am I just giving Declan way too much credit? Shall I just delete The Most Offensive Song Ever and leave the rest be, or is it time to make my entire music collection PG-13?



  1. i think that at this point your providing declan with MUSIC! not underlying messages of sexism or violence or whatever else… he’s hearing his mum singing and thats better than any stupid kids song that you’ll hate within seconds and stop playing.

  2. i agree with charm.
    some of my favourite songs were probably very unsuitable for young children’s ears.. i can remember my robert palmer phase and the beginnings of my love for frankenfurter, my parents said they weren’t the only questionable things i got into. i ahd no idea what i was actually singing, and they were more happy about the fact that i ran around the house singing and dancing.. and that i knew what songs not to sing around my extened family 🙂

    you still purple, miss?

  3. man, sorry about the quality spelling, i am writing assessments, and my brain has died.

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