Posted by: Fern | March 5, 2008

Baby Two: Electric Boogaloo

Time to come clean for those either not in my imediate family (excluding one of my sisters who my mum still hasn’t told – sorry Sue!) and for those not on facebook, we are due to bump our family number up to four at the beginning of october, unfortunately not with a puppy, just a boring old baby 🙂

That’s right, I’m currently about nine weeks knocked up with baby number two, making me due on the tenth of October, Dan and I are very happy but so far Declan seems less than impressed about the whole thing. So far things have been far easier than my first pregnancy so I hope that’s a sign of good things to come!



  1. congrats again Fern!

  2. Congratulations guys!!!

  3. And Nanny and Gar Gar are delighted!!

  4. I dont think I have ever commented before, but congratulations!! That’s great news!

  5. Pommie Grandad is delighted too, hang on to the 16th Fern, what a great 50th birthday present.

  6. I am truly THRILLED for you!!!!

  7. how the heck did i miss this!!!

    congratulations fern!

  8. congratulationssssssss!!! big kisses and hugs xoxox

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