Posted by: Fern | March 10, 2008

Help Me Interwebs, You’re My Only Hope

As I type this Declan is sitting in his highchair in silence pushing his breakfast around the tray with a single finger. This is the third day of this and I’m about to go crazy. Since his Saturday breakfast of peanut butter on toast nothing other than a couple of crackers and about five jelly sweets, which he got his hands on when he ripped into the packaging, have past his lips.


I have just sat here for the last 45 minutes watching him prod and whine, finished typing the last sentence and then watched him pick up a piece of toast and finally eat it. The internet is truly magical.

Well that ended my “Help me my son is about die from a hungerstrike” post fairly sharpish. Move along, nothing to see here.



  1. maybe he has more teeth coming…Sofija always goes on a bit of a food strike when a tooth is about to pop!

  2. Matt and michelle used to do that, I used to just make egg nog for them untill they started eating again

  3. Hope Declan is eating properly now, hun. How is the new pregnancy going?

    Sarah xxx

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