Posted by: Fern | March 31, 2008

It Was Funny The First Time…

…but the next person to suggest “Anthony/Ant” when I say that we’re stuck on boy names for Declan’s sibling, will face the full wrath of a hormonal pregnant woman, and you just know that isn’t going to be pretty.

Baby 2!

This is the new addition, enjoying itself last Friday morning, no hotdog or hamburger immediately obvious, although Dan’s insisting that the object on the left hand side isn’t actually an umbilical cord… uh huh.. sure.


And just so he doesn’t feel left out, this is my Bedey on his way to Dans cousin’s wedding over the weekend, it looks like my little camwhore has returned and the blurry photos of the last few months should be slowing down.



  1. I’m glad everything is working out for you, I am so excited for you for your number 2!

    Declan is a lil cutie!

    Oooooh I geddit! Ant and dec! LOLOLOL!


  2. Oh I love your design btw!

  3. It took me ages to get “Ant”.

    You will name it Ant though, wont you? 😉

  4. Look at that little bean! Funny about the umbilical cord. Men, eh? 😉

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