Posted by: Fern | April 2, 2008

And It’s A….

Yesterday I had a psychic reading with a “baby psychic” who seems to have fairly good results with the people I’ve spoken to on guessing conception dates, birth dates, gender etc. So I handed over my money, sent my vibes out into the world and waited for a response from her, and this morning I found this in my inbox.

Ok so something really weird happened while reading your email/doing your reading. I read your sons name Declan (which I really like btw) and have only ever heard it once before – at at daycare that my dd use to go to – one of the workers there had a son named Declan.
So Im sitting here letting the answering machine pick up calls while I do this and darned if THAT same daycare called me and left a message – different worker but I thought the timing was strange!

First of all congrats on your pregnancy. The baby shows as a girl and her birthdate shows as either the 9th or 19th…..The 10th shows 3 times (which would be your EDD) but for the middle of the month 9 and 10 show up…..I’m thinking the 9th but am a bit biased as that is my birthday…haha..but as it is the middle of the month in the reading 19th is more a possibility – especially if you went overdue with your first baby. Birth weight shows at 7lb 10ozs.

Dan, who yesterday was cheering about the idea said it was a load of bull, but I would put money on that if she’d have come back and said it was a boy he’d have been singing her praises! Not knowing the gender is driving me insane this time round, I can’t believe we have another 27 weeks to find out, it’s not even an issue, all the gear we have is unisex, all the newborn clothes are gender neutral, so I don’t even have a good reason to find out, but for some reason my impatience and urge to know is tripled with this one.


  1. It will be a girl. Trust me! 7lb 10oz sounds just right and when I saw it’s first photo, I instantly thought it was a girl. Don’t know why, just do!

    It will be spooky if this one is born on 19th too, won’t it?

    I can’t wait either, but I will love it to bits, no matter what sex it is.


  2. I dont think I could wait the whole pregnancy to find out the sex! It would be a great surprise for when it is born but I just couldnt do it! Far too impatient, me!

  3. i reckon you’re having a girl.
    on sunday, when i was dyeing my hair (i have mastered out a way to make a top purple, if you are still that way inclined), i was thinking about the colour, which made me think about you, and the name you have said for years that you would name a girl invaded my brain.

  4. Congratulations on the pregnancy!!! 🙂

  5. Congrats on pregnancy x2! 😀 Sounds like you have the matter well in hand.

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