Posted by: Fern | April 15, 2008

Not Nigella And Journeys With The Black Dog

I’m under instruction from my husband to blog as a way to get myself back on track, writing online has been an outlet for me for almost ten years, so hopefully it will be exactly what I need to get myself back to my happy place.


My big sister and her family came to visit last week from New Zealand, we had a fabulous time, such a good time infact that I’ve decided to bottle Jen and keep her in my pantry for when I have crappy days. I was absolutely on top of the world whilst they were over here, but then slumped fairly significantly as soon as they left. Fortunately I’m now past the high risk stage for taking Zoloft during pregnancy, so I have an appointment on Thursday to refill my prescription which should hopefully be another step towards screwing my head on straight.


In Declan news, he is on week three of a hunger strike, last night his food for the entire day was half a crumpet, four Cherios, a quarter of a ham and cheese butty, three pieces of gnocci and a few bits of chicken. He’s not fading away yet and isn’t complaining about being hungry at all, it would just be nice if he could eat more than a few mouthfuls at a meal. On a happier note he’s picking up words constantly now, the most recent one is if you offer him a cuppa (as in tea) he’ll eagerly respond with “puppa!”. The cutest so far is if you say “WINN4R!!!” to him he’ll throw his hands above his head and yell “NAAAAAAAAAAR!!!” back at you. I don’t know how I still live in a black fog with him around, it’s like having a live in jester, and yet I’m still managing it. Score one for Fern.



  1. awll! So jealous of that first picture!!!

    I hope you feel better soon and do as your husband says and blog more! I love reading your stuff.

  2. I can’t believe I lost your site, but I am back again 🙂

    I’m glad you had fun with your big sis being over, it’s amazing how much a visit from someone can lift your spirits isn’t it? Declan is looking so grown up now! Kids seem to go through phases of eating tons and then not much at all, so long as ya don’t force the issue and he seems contented I woudn’t worry about it 😉 I love it when they start to pick up words, it’s sooooo cute!

    Also CONGRATS on the pregnancy! Talk about me not keeping up with things! I hope the black fog starts to lift for you soon. Hopefully starting back on the Zoloft will help you with that. It’s a horrible feeling but at least you have Declan to keep going for, sometimes just seeing the little ones enjoying themselves is enough to give just a little lift isn’t it?

    sorry what a ramble! Take care of you and I’ll be lurking again at least if not replying to your posts 😉

  3. Love those photos!

    Take care.
    Keep writing.

  4. […] unsubscribed from a lot of blogs recently, I’ll be honest, I’m more interested in how Fern’s baby developing or Kristoff’s time on his own or how many New Zealanders Guy’s shagging […]

  5. Fantastic Photos if I may say so!
    Oh, and I don’t mind being bottled, just let me out for a bit of air now and again 😀
    As far as the fog goes, I recommend a healthy dose of demister – some of these might help…

    Music therapy – Stick on your best boppy tracks and boogie with the babe to your hearts content!

    Art therapy – Grab some gloopy finger paint as you and the lad create wonderful creations together, which also double as original and stylish works of art!

    Cake therapy – Make your favourite sweet treat, enjoying every moment of its delicious creation, then serve with a giant spoon and relish in its delectable heavenliness!

    Air therapy – get some! Get out there, go for a wander in nature’s plentiful garden, or just a saunter to the kids play park to break up the day!

    Above all, remember that you are doing a good job and everything is only a phase which will soon pass.

    Love and great big hugs, Jen xxx

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