Posted by: Fern | April 17, 2008

Hang In There Baby!

It is taking all my strength today to not put Sesame Street on repeat, spread some Cheerios on the floor and tell Declan to fend for himself while I lock myself in the bedroom with earplugs and an elephant size bar of Dairy Milk.

I did find some time, inbetween vomiting, cleaning up broken glass (a moments silence for my Ikea lamp please) and listening to the “I’m hungry, but as soon as you feed me I’m just going to throw it on the floor” whine, to finally get a new layout up, I loved the previous one at first, but after more than two months it was doing my head in, so I went for something far more subdued, something far less offensive for those that happen to stumble upon my blog whilst in the midst of a hangover.



  1. OMG I so hear you on the a) exhaustion and b) food chucked on the floor. Maisie just threw lunch on the floor. In fairness, she did eat half a piece of cheese and 5 bites of her sandwich.


  2. Dom! I will message you tonight, but just incase I forget, do you feel like meeting up with the babies anytime over the next few weeks? I can go anywhere accessible by train 🙂

  3. Ours are the same with the whining… will it ever stop!?

    I love the new layout 🙂 The header is gorgeous!

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