Posted by: Fern | April 18, 2008

A Rose By Any Other Name

Note: It is achingly hard to write these posts without actually mentioning names, so if I lose you, that’s okay, I’ve probably lost myself anyway, sometimes when you share every gory detail on the Internet it’s occasionally nice to keep something to yourself.

I decided a couple of days ago that baby number two is a boy, literally overnight I went from being convinced on girl to now being 100% sure that I’m carrying a boy, which has meant that I’ve abandoned my hunt to find a one syllable middle name that will go with our chosen girls name without making her sound like a flammable liquid and have instead switched to boys names.

“Declan Bede” came to us very easily before I had even hit the halfway point of being pregnant, we made name lists and both of them featured Declan, a few weeks later Dan mentioned that his Grandfather’s middle name was “Bede” and how he liked it and I fell in love, I was still kicking myself for not making Declan’s first name Bede when he was a few months old, but we wanted to avoid him having to repeat his name 20 times before people got it, because believe me, I’ve been there, and “Like “of sweat”” is far more embarrassing that “like the plant”. Everyone was so certain I was carrying a boy we didn’t even come up with a girls name until the morning I was due to be induced, a smart move on Dan’s part because I had far more things going on so I just agreed to his suggestion – in retrospect, I’m now fairly happy we didn’t have a girl!

At some point during the fairly concise naming process I had joked that we should use the full name of a character from one of my favourite movies, Dan laughed and said no way in hell was that going to happen. This time around I’m stuck again on this name, and this time Dan didn’t laugh and just gave me a flat out no way in hell. I think his main problem with it is that I don’t just want to use his first name, I want to use his full name, as an example, instead of using Jean-Luc *random middle name* Treacy it would be Jean-Luc Picard Treacy (and no, don’t worry, I’m not that much of a Trekkie to make a child suffer that). So, if he told anyone his full name then there may be the occasional person who would respond with “OMG! You fathered the leader of the resistance!”, but on the whole I think it would be generally ignored. In my defence, this character isn’t exactly a main character, I think if pushed very few people would pick it where it’s from, his surname is a very common Christian name so that isn’t an issue, AND, this movie was released two years before I was born and certainly isn’t for children, so he will avoid taunts of, “so, done any time travelling lately?” until he’s at least in high school, where no one will care less about a movie made thirty five years ago. I think it’s a perfectly cromulent name and I just know that everyone who’s as cool as I am is nodding their heads after working it out and thinking how awesome a name it is, now all I have to do is convince Dan of that!

I’m thinking of going for the whole “Can I have a pony?” trick – for those not in the know, when your child asks for something completely unobtainable, when that’s turned down asks for something usually unobtainable but in comparison it seems like a sweet deal , ie. their own Porsche>A lift home at 2am, I am well versed in this, just ask my father. At the moment I think I’ll start with suggesting Kal-L or maybe stick with the Trek theme and go for Locutus and then work my way down to there until I’ve exhausted him, and, in the immortal words of Stewie Griffin, victory will be mine!



  1. How do you pronounce Bede? Is it as in bead?
    I have a strong feeling you will have a girl, sorry! xx

  2. I agree with Dan, “no way in hell”. Fern, you are spending far too much time on your own to come up with a name like that!!!!

    Nana Trudy

    BTW – Bedey boy dancing was beautiful and I disagree, I think you are having a girl. I thought exactly as you have done when I was having Brooke!!

  3. […] names for the new babe. We now have two first and middle name pairs for a boy, three if you include this one but Dan’s still saying no, and two pairs for a […]

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