Posted by: Fern | April 22, 2008

Awesome Resource For Sewers

Part of the whole “make me happy” plan is spending some time every day working the right side of my brain before it decides it’s no longer needed and joins The Peace Corps for and leaves for a far away country. So I’ve been sketching again, playing around on Photoshop and on the weekend I managed to start and finish a crochet project within a day. I’m hoping to sew more and start challenging myself instead of doing the same things over and over again (ie. Nappies!), so Dan suggested making some clothes for myself, something I was a bit bleh about – memories of my alevel final project for textiles were flooding back to me, and it certainly wasn’t pretty. Then today I found BurdaStyle a totally kick ass site with open source patterns, primarily clothes. Some of the designs are original and some are modifications of current Burda patterns, but they’re all user submitted and there’s some amazing designs that I could really get into making, it’s even inspired me to play around with drafting my own patterns beyond nappies and the occasional bag.



  1. How fantastic, open source patterns!
    You know, coming over and seeing all your fantastic creations has inspired me so much that i have realised I cannot do without a sewing machine – I am saving up, then i shall be trying out this fab site too!
    I think its a great idea for you to get back in to blogging, writing is very cathartic. Combined with your creative projects, you’ll do absolutely fine and will be out of the gloom so very soon – remember everything is a phase that passes so very swiftly 🙂
    With love and great big hugs!

  2. What is a WAHM?

  3. Work at home Mum 🙂

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