Posted by: Fern | May 1, 2008

A Glimpse Into My Mind

Fern says:
oh, and whilst getting the sandpaper I found the envelope I’ve been hunting for, duh of course it would be in the sandpaper box.
Dan says:
we have a sandpaper box?
Fern says:
I have a sandpaper box, where I keep all the sandpaper… and oddly enough, envelopes as well, not sure where that train of thought came from
Dan says:
*shakes head* I’m nowhere near brave enough to go there..
Fern says:

Fern says:
I’m trying to motivate myself to start on the kitchen, but just the thought of it is making me shudder, so far ways to procrastinate I’ve thought up have included writing out a list detailing exactly what my plan of attaction should be, waiting till the boy wakes up and then teaching him to dry, and sewing up a new apron because I can’t just wear the same daggy one again.
Dan says:
that’s almost blog worthy.. 🙂


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